Use your business skill to build a global hotel empire - a portfolio of properties around the world, in different hotel categories from De Luxe 5-star to Budget City Center - and compete for market share and profitability in this dynamic business game.

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This exciting simulation allows you to test out your business ideas in the global hotel industry, to develop business strategies that build profits, and grow a sustainable empire.
To be successful, you will have to manage room rates, marketing budgets, staff training, service levels and many more.

You take over as investor-manager of a dynamic hotel group, and compete against four other major players - virtual intelligent competitors. You have to quickly make decisions about where to invest across the world, which categories to invest in, how to promote and price the products, and build a sustainable business strategy.

Build your understanding of modern hotel management metrics - REVPAR, GOPPAR, ADR, room occupancy rates - as you create your own hotel business empire.